EES - Engineering Equation Solver (Limited Academic Version)

EES - Engineering Equation Solver (Limited Academic Version)

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  • P-H diagram
  • Example solution
  • Example problems
  • Multiple windows
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Editorial review


Lionel Mira Senior editor

This review applies to version 7.2. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

EES, which is pronounce as “ease” referring to its main characteristic, is an acronym for Engineering Equation Solver. You can already guess from its name that this is tool oriented for people with numbers skills and engineers, so if you don’t fit in these categories don’t keep reading or you could bore to death.
The basic general task that you can undertake with ESS is the solution of algebraic equations. It can efficiently solve thousands of coupled non-linear algebraic equations. ESS can also be used to solve initial value differential equations, do linear and non-linear regression, unit conversion, unit consistency checking, optimization, and uncertainty analysis, and produce publication-quality plots.
EES provides a demonstration version with some limitations. This demo version will allow you to enter and solve up to 50 equations but you won’t be able to save, copy or print your results file. 50 equations can sound much, but have in mind that the full version can solve thousands. Regarding licensed versions, there are two versions: The commercial single-user version, available for a price of $ 500, including one year of Instant Update service; the professional single-user version, available for a price of $ 1000, also including Instant Update service. There are other options for educational institutions and students.
The Professional version provides the following additional capabilities with respect to the Commercial version:
1. A Make Distributable command is provided to create a special purpose version of EES that will run one to five preselected problems.
2. The capabilities of the Diagram Window are expanded in the Professional version to define 'hot areas' in the Diagram Window which, when clicked, bring up Child Diagram windows.
3. The Professional version provides much more capability for manipulating objects in the Diagram window. Each object can be given a name and with this name, the color, size, rotation angle, and position of the object can be controlled with equations in the Equations Window.
4. The Professional version allows radio buttons, check boxes, and links of various types, movies and object embedding and linking to be used in the Diagram window.
5. Variable information can be read from or saved to a file. A variable information file has a .VAR filename extension, but it is a text file that can be opened in a word processor or spreadsheet. Variable information data can be saved to an existing .VAR file.
6. The Professional version allows a maximum of 12,000 variables and equations and the number of rows in the Parametric table is limited only by available memory.
7. The Professional version provides high accuracy properties for water substance at pressures up to 1,000 MPa using the STEAM_IAPWS formulation.
8. The Report Window is provided in the Professional version.
9. The Diagram window and Plots can be animated and shown in a time series with the Professional version.
10. The genetic optimization algorithm is an option in the Professional version.
11. The Professional version allows the results of the optimization process to be logged to a text file.
12. Selected equations in the Formatted Equations window can be converted to LaTeX or MathType format in the Professional version.
13. Text in the Equations window can be protected in the Professional version.
14. Support for display of EES windows on two-monitors is provided.


  • It includes several examples to help you get started.
  • It provides a demostration version.
  • There are commercial options for students and educational institutions.


  • It uses an outdated interface.
  • It's only available in English.
  • The demostration version has limitations.

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